2017 Gift-Guide For iPhone enthusiasts

The holidays are closing in and it’s the right time to buy the iPhone aficionado something they’ll adore, especially with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X released into the market. In this 2017 holiday gift guide, we’ve rounded up some of the best picks in terms of cases, docks and other accessories to take cut down the hassle for your shopping list this year. More importantly, there is definitely an item on this list for practically every gift buyers on any budget.


First up we have the clip-on lens. It is probably one of the most functional iPhone accessories you can get for those who are into photography. Best part is that it's pocket-sized, and just clips on when you need it. The kit includes several type of lenses which are  circular polarized lens,  fisheye lens, macro lens, and  wide angle lens. Basically,  a fisheye is great for shooting video to reverse the iPhone’s software zoom, while a wide angle or a macro lens works for panaroma views etc. The lens are packed in its own micro fiber pouch to store them safely in user's bag after every use. This is a compact, easy, and cheap way to get a little extra versatility out of an iPhone camera.

Want to know the best way of never going through the horror of a dead battery again? The obvious answer is to own a portable power bank. A portable power source will enable the user's phone to be charged in times where long travels are required or when there is no reachable power outlet near by. But there is a more fashionable and colorful way to carry power bank around, and those are the Emoji-shaped ones. With each featuring a USB port while coming in a variety of popular expressions, including the smiley, the poop, the unicorn, the face crying tears of joy, the eggplant, and the ghost and so on. As they are compatible with majority of smartphones including iPhones, these chargers have a giant internal 2600mAh battery that can be re-powered with a micro-USB cable.

But if the person you’re gifting is not someone who like to carry a lot of items around, maybe it is better to opt in for a built-in battery phone cover. This slim-fit charging case adds more bulk, but it still blends in well with the shape, size, and color of the iPhone. This is why Apple’s own battery case for the iPhone 8 will make up for the hump on the back of the case by nearly doubling the battery time. Their battery cases are available in classic color options ranging from black, white, and red. Additionally, the case has a soft microfiber lining and a grippy silicone exterior.

Moving on to home accessories, the official iPhone Lightning Dock by Apple enable users to operate wired headphones in the midst of powering up their device. It is a handy, yet fashionable desktop companion, the dock come in colors that match those of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

And if your special geek owns a Macbook laptop, this wooden stand can turn any MacBook Pro into a functional desktop workstation whether the user is at home or work. The computer will slot in vertically while all of wires/cables flowing out the back for a neat-looking desk. It also utilizes the MacBook Pro’s “Closed clamshell” mode so connect to a display, keyboard, all other kind of peripherals. But the main advantage – omit the bulk or the mess.

Another item to wow Macbook owners is this classic unisex felted sleeve. They can store Macbook Pro or Air without looking dull. More importantly, they are quite durable and functional as its classic grade tone suits most occasions from carrying them to school or attending business meetings. Another perk is that there’s a slot for holding the pencil.  This soft textured sleeve comes in two limited shades of grey: dark and light.

What could be better than a name  customized case for your pal’s new iPhone 8? From gorgeous watercolor prints, to initial marble cases, you can customize a unique case with their initials or name on it. This way, you can gift a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind iPhone case. Other than a stunning modern design, these semi-clear cases are made from A graded TPU material, giving a slim 0.03 mm fit so it might not does much in terms of protecting against fall, but it definitely defends the iPhone from scratches and small knocks.


With the above being said, there’s an alternative option of clear cases that still provides maximum protection – talking about the tough rim cases. While the back of these cover are transparent, they are slightly more weighted. Plus the rims are made from a think coat of rubber PVC plastic that can prevent the phone from vigorous damage such as drops and knocking on a hard object. Moreover, they offer ample protection to the glass screen due to the thickness of the elevated rim on the front of the cover. This transparent case shows off the iPhone design, but adds a touch of style with a mandala and tribal design. There are chunky, well-designed button covers that are easy to find without looking and accurate cut-outs with plenty of room for third-party cables.


And that’s a wrap for our 2017 iPhone accessories gift guide. We hope that these stylish  and functional items for iPhone and Macbook that will enhance your favorite geek's experience of using these fantastic devices!


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