7 Best iPhone 6 Cases of 2016 - Fashion Trend Alert

Today, we got some pretty cool compilation of 7 different types of iPhone 6/6s cases that we believe are some of the best of 2016 :)

1. LED Selfie Case: You know when you're hanging out at night with your friends and then decide to snap a couple of selfies together? But you realize that the quality of the photos are extremely blurry and dark, so we've got you covered with the one of the most functional iphone cases, the selfie case. Now we know how the Kardashians get their selfies on point.

2. The Multi-Function Wallet Case : Now we're not talking about your usual leather wallet case that covers up the whole phone and conceals the front part completely, so every time you need to take a call, you'll have to open the wallet first. We actually mean a snap back case that has a secret compartment consisting of a mirror, a credit card and cash holder. Another pro is that you no longer have the hassle to open up the wallet to pick up your calls. Sounds pretty convenient doesn't it?

3. Holographic Case : If you're a fan of holo ( like us ), these photos below should be self explanatory. We've got both real and faux holographic cases.

4. Abalone Shell Case : This has to be one of our most favourite creation so far, this abalone design is purely made from genuine paua shell and is truly gorgeous, especially the reflective hologram it gives when you put it under the sun. 

5. Clear Wallet Case: This one is a much simpler version of the wallet case mentioned earlier. If you're looking for a light weighted case that can still store a card or two, this is it. 

6. Liquid Glitter Case with Printed Designs: We see a lot of liquid glitter cases trending over the last few years, so we decided that its time to up our case game by adding prints over these sparkling cases. One of the most popular designs this year is the unicorn one.

7.  The Classic Metallic Mirror Case : Lastly, one of the most popular cases alot of people love to rock is the metallic mirror. It adds an elegant touch to your iPhone and not to mention for all you ladies who need to touch up your lipstick, this case serves as a perfect mirror

There you have it, 7 pretty dope cases that we think you'd love for your iPhone. Of course, all of these are available for sale in our shop section. And if you decide to grab 2 cases or make a purchase over $25, do not forget to use our coupon code : FREESHIP during checkout for free shipping.

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